MagniMesh™ - Magnetic Mosquito Net

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Never Let The Insects Come Uninvited

MULTIFUNCTIONAL MAGNETIC SCREEN DOOR: MagniMesh™ helps you walkthrough easily when your hands are full. Pets can go inside and outside of the house freely. Easily open and promptly close without concern of falling down. The magnet seals the gap together completely, you needn't help your pets to close the magnetic screen door.

POWERFUL MAGNETS & ENFORCED MATERIAL: Lined with 36 strong magnets for the best seal and closure, MagniMesh™ ensures that your screen door closes faster, seals tighter, and withstands stronger breezes. Reinforced edges prevent fraying and ensures nothing sneaks in through the sides.

Why MagniMesh™ is For You

OPENS AND CLOSES EASILY: The middle seam of the MagniMesh™ allows the door to open and close easily and seamlessly! The screen is also detachable and could be rolled up for temporary storage when you want to remove it. The screen door is quickly and easily installed. The polyester mesh fabric is durable enough to withstand thousands of uses.

FIT ANY DOOR TYPE: We have used the best magnets and screen mesh, while providing different size options for your doors, including sliding glass doors, double doors, porch, front door and large patio doors. Ideal to install in home, patios, or even campers. No matter what the weather, you can keep the doors open, breathe the natural air of nature.


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