Merix™️- Hiking Backpack

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Merix™️-An Easy Way To Pack More And Enjoy The Outdoors This Season

Our repeat customers cannot tell us enough how much they love this amazing bag. The Merix™️ backpack is a one-stop shop solution to store all of your outdoor essentials and give you an experience like no other.

Made with a Long torso build that is lightweight yet durable so that you can pack twice as much without it feeling like you're carrying a ton. Comes with extra buckles all throughout the bag for better security and maximum protection of your belongings.

Comes with several pockets for handy storage and large main pocket that can store a high capacity of 80L in storage space. Comes with multiple pockets surrounding the bag for easy organization and much more simpler way to stay organized. Soft Mesh Airlayer moisture fabrics built into the straps and all throughout the bag to give you maximum comfort and less stress on your shoulders 

Made with High-quality water resistant shock pads that can take on even the toughest of storms and still keep your valuables dry. Its versatility allows you to do any outdoor activities with ease. Whether you're hiking, Traveling, Or even at an outdoor concert. This backpack got you covered

What really makes this backpack so amazing and makes us stand out from all of our competitors on the market is how unbelievably lightweight it is considering the size and the unmatched comfortability. It's our never-ending dedication to customer satisfaction and product development that has kept us in business for as long as we have. With the Merix we aim to give you a hiking experience like no other and one to cherish forever. Get yours today so you can take your hiking to the next level.


High Capacity- Comes with front, Side, And even inner zip up pockets that allow you to store more stuff and not worry about getting your most valuable items squished or lost inside the bag. Can store twice as much and still have leftover room to put more inside of it.

Durable- Light as a feather and built tough as nails. Made with breathable mesh with tactical impact resistant fibers that absorb shock and can stretch and adjust without ripping easily

Convenient- Comes with multiple pockets and extra storage space for all your belongings when you're outdoors. convenient for traveling, Outdoors, and even sporting events. easy to navigate and designated pockets so nothing gets lost.

Breathable- Made with Airlayer moisture fabrics into the back, shoulder region and even around the straps. Keeping you cool and drier on those hikes in the hot heat this season.

Water-Resistant- Repels water with ease and many other liquids that may damage your belongings. Also created with shock absorbing padding so that even in the harshest of weather conditions your backpack will be able to survive it and be able to absorb heavy impact without leaving a scratch on your stuff.

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