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A symbol of vitality you can put in your home

Made from fine porcelain and designed according to our autonomy, Heartroot is a lovely home ornament! Shaped like a living heart, it brings life to any place you put it!

It’s intense design fits flawlessly to the aesthetics of your home without taking away from the other decor! Inside the tubes you place some flowers of choice to add more color to it’s looks!

As a gift Heartroot is unmatched in its symbolic nature, when you give it to your closest friends they'll know they are receiving something much more than a vase! 

Why Heartroot is for you

A monument to life- Engraved with every detail of the human heart, Heartroot creates a more lively atmosphere, filled with vitality!

Blooming beauty- As it gives you life, Heartroot can support the life of an entire bouquet of flowers when you put them in its many tubes!

Gift a part of you- You can’t give your heart away but you can make a gesture of similar value, make a gift your loved ones will appreciate!

Heartroot is the ultimate choice- Add a sense of vitality to your surroundings with a vase symbolizing the centerpiece of life!

Why choose us?

We value your home like our own!

At Abond Homes, we tailor our products to all home improvement and design lovers. Our products are personally used and tested by our employees themselves to ensure that we are offering products that we love ourselves.

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